How to Negotiate a Used Car

How to Negotiate a Used Car

You Know Buying a Used Car Makes Financial Sense! But, Who Wants to Deal With Those Problems and Dangers?

Well, I Bet You'd Change Your Plans If There Was a Way to Effortlessly Get the Best Price Possible for A Used Car... Ensuring You Avoid the Creeps and Crooks!

In the next couple of minutes, I'm going to share with you my system!

relax, it requires zERO salesmanship! THIS is how to negotiate for a used car!

A Course that Shares Real-Life Experiences and Proven tactics so you're guaranteed to get a great price on a used car, while side stepping all the cheater and scammers! 

Perfect for both the experienced used car shopper & the first-timer!

I'm an Auto Insider who's taken a unique talent that's afforded me unequaled access to the auto industry's biggest movers and shakers. I'm a trusted asset, and I'm offering smart car shoppers a real edge through this website!

Before I share the details of my system, I need to burst a bubble!

The Used Car Advantage

Unlike buying a new car, used car shoppers can benefit from:

  • lots of buying options
  • an enormous amount of inventory
  • avoiding the new car depreciation
  • not having to pay for overhead

With every opportunity, there's usually an element of peril, and used cars certainly fit that statement!

The Used Car Disadvantage

An uninformed used car buyer will probably end up with at least one of these situations:

  • pay way TOO much for the car
  • buy someone else's problem
  • not get what they paid for
  • help facilitate a crime

What's the Right Used Car Buying Source for You?

That's the way!

 With My System ANYONE Can

Confidently Buy a Used Car.

I'm Going to Share Real Car Scammer Audio & Emails So You'll NEVER Have to Deal With them!

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Buying a used car is not for the faint-of-heart, but for the informed used vehicles offer the best possible value!

So, how do you navigate the shark-infested used car waters…

with some knowledge and a fool-proof plan!

It's fun, all over the web you'll find information about buying used cars. And, there's undoubtedly some sound advice out there. But, when I began envisioning this website, it dawned on me…

No site provides ALL the information you need, wherever they're sold. And, no one shares real car buying experience, including real interaction with a used car scammer!

Yep, I share emails and phone conversations with a real-life car scammer. There's a moment during it that's chilling, but more on that in a moment!

Not sure if the used car market is dangerous?

Here's the proof!

EVERY new car is sold by a dealership that's in agreement with the manufacturer, and that agreement includes numerous stipulations and conditions.

In many situations, a dealership stands to lose hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars if they lose a valuable franchise (some franchises in the auto industry: Chevy, Buick, Toyota, etc.)

So, dealerships MUST toe-the-line when they sell a new car, it's financially too risky not to… while these penalties don't exist in the same manner when they sell a used auto!

That's why dealers, especially those without a franchise present risks, and I know you understand that buying a car from a private seller comes with clear and present dangers!

OK, when it comes to dangers, we're on the same page!

So, What Should a Used Car Buyer Know Before Spending Their Hard-Earned Money?

Here's what you'll learn from my Used Car Buying Program:

  • What are the benefits of buying used
  • How to determine a fiscally sound used car buying budget
  • What are all the used car buying options
  • How to determine the real value of a used car
  • What's CPO and should you consider it
  • How to quickly learn a used car's history, and how to correctly understand this information 
  • Is an auto auction somewhere I can shop, and if I can should I?
  • Facebook offers cars, what's that all about?
  • eBay is a safe place to buy a vehicle… whoa, not so fast!!
  • Everybody goes online in the car buying process, where are the scammers lurking?
  • How to vet a private used car seller
  • What paperwork needs to be filed when completing a purchase
  • How to test drive a car
  • How to walk around a vehicle and determine if it been damaged and repaired


Car websites, what dangers they hold!

Pricing - negotiating made simple

The used car Buying course

The Easiest to Use System 



  • Complete Knowledge Base for Sound Decision-Making!
  • Actual Scam Examples & Documentation- For Your Safety!
  • Real Used Car Shopping Examples - You SEE THE SAVINGS!
  • Pricing Information to Determine Vehicle Value!
  • Free Documents to Use in Transactions!

Every used car shopper needs to understand the Principle of Uniqueness!

No, I'm not adding the Periodic Table to the car buying process, but their's a lot of science involved, and a car seller benefits from this Principle of Uniqueness, even if they don't know it!

In science, the Uniqueness Principle refers to the second element being significantly different than the previous one. 

When comparing new cars, some cars are EXACTLY alike, and many others are VIRTUALLY alike, with only a minor difference or two like color, or a style option.

This lack of uniqueness can be used to the new car buyer's advantage. 

Shopping used, it's the EXACT opposite… uniqueness is horizontal and vertical; let me explain.  

Used cars are a unique item; no two are the same… 

…every used car buying method comes with its structure, processes, benefits, and potential pitfalls…

…when a used car shopper limits their options…

they could pay more. 

When a used car shopper limits their knowledge… they will pay more!

Most scientific principles are beyond question or discussion, and the Principle of Uniqueness in the Used Car Market is omnipresent!

Where you shop and buy could dictate if any of these are true. These are not universal across all buying options, but they ALL exist! If you're not informed you have the:

  • chance to have your money stolen
  • ability to pay 50% less
  • opportunity to be part of a crime
  • the likelihood that you're not buying what's right in front of you
  • Possibility to provide the seller with a 50% profit… or more
  • opportunity to buy a car that's uninsurable
  • the danger of buying someone else's problem
  • chance of purchasing a vehicle from an imposter
  • likelihood of purchasing a car that a bank would not provide funding for

I can go on, but you get my point. It's scary out there. The more you know, the more scared you should be!

My Used Car Buying Program program provides:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Understanding
  3. Training
  4. Systems

So you can shop any and every used car buying option to find your best deal possible!

I share real-life examples of deception and deceit. I point out where things are not as they seem, and as mentioned earlier, things get REAL!

I provide you with a fool-proof way to determine what's the right price for the used car you want to buy, and how to position yourself to get a better deal!

Listen, shopping at a dealership comes with a premium! But, if this is the right place for you, I provide real shopping examples, and you can follow my lead to save hundreds!

Get access to the paperwork you will need to complete certain purchases.

And, I provide insight into a real car buyer's scam. 

I pull back the curtain and share everything:

  • Texts
  • Emails
  • Websites
  • Actual Recorded Conversations

I show you everything!

My guess is your heart will sink too when you hear the phone ringing in the background knowing that's someone about to be scammed out of their hard-earned money.

Of course, I contacted banking and criminal authorities, including the FBI!

Here's the bottom-line, I show you ALL the pitfalls, I give you ALL the information you need… AND I give you a fool-proof roadmap to making sure you get the car you want, at the best price possible!

I'm taking ALL the RISK! 

Take this program for a test-drive; you've got NO WORRIES because

I'm giving you my 100% no-risk money-back GUARANTEE!

STOP... Let Me Ta​​​​​ke ALL the Risk!

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You've Got NOTHING to Lose... Except Your Money!

It's Time You Take The Control Away From The Car Seller So You Can Keep Your Hard-Earned Money In Your Pocket!

So, here's what you've got to decide, am I completely and 100% confident that someone who's spent the bulk of their professional career as a legitimate auto insider doesn't have some information that might help me avoid making a costly mistake?

Knowledge is critical, and as owners of my car buying system know, one mistake can cost you hundreds, so you've got to decide if it makes sense to gamble $37.00 on my program and ensure you won't spend hundreds or even thousands more for your next car!

STOP! Let me take ALL the risk, if after 30-days you feel that you've got all the insight and experience I've gained as an auto insider, please let me know, and I'll be happy to refund your money!