New Car Buyer’s Resources

New Car Buyer's Resources

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  • Which car websites you avoid, they're really shell-companies for car dealers… here's a hint, you will know the names!
  • The meaning of ALL the information on the window sticker?
  • How to read a car dealer's advertisements to determine precisely how unrealistic the pricing is for the vehicle you want!
  • How car dealers make money... it's not mearly the mark-up on the car. If that's what your're thinking, you'll leave some money on the table!
  • What tricks and sales tactics car salespeople use to generate more 'gross' profit?

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New Car Buyer's Course

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The Problem:

Car dealers want you to think they're losing money, or somehow at a financial disadvantage, this is the first of a multi-step process to separate you from your money. It starts with a systematic selling approach designed to pray on unprepared and uneducated shoppers.  

The Solution:

Any easy-to-follow plan that systematically helps you obtain the information you need, while effortlessly establishing the leverage you need to get the best price possible!