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Hey, I’m a real Auto Insider, who’s spent decades in the auto industry.

 As you’re about to see, I’m a real Auto Insider, who’s spent decades in the auto industry. I’ve now decided to take all the knowledge, experience and insight I’ve learned, and I’m sharing all of it here, on this site!
Listen, if you want to know more about me. If you’ve got questions and want to know what makes me a real industry insider I’ve got you covered. I’m happy to tell my story, and more importantly for you, I’m willing to share this information, and if you follow my advice, you’ll NEVER overpay for your car.

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A smart new car shopper measures their success by purchasing their next new car for the best price the market will allow. So, you need a certain level of market insight coupled with the pricing the market dictates. You need to know what to ask for, how to interpret this information, and how to identify the BS salesmanship that’s synonymous with car salespeople.

Used Car Information

The savings that come from purchasing a used car are often offset by the risks. A smart used car shopper knows the places they should shop, and more importantly, where they shouldn’t. The used car market has entirely unregulated areas, and they offer the potential for a great deal and the danger of getting your money stolen.

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