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Helping Car Shoppers & Car Owners

Our goal is to offer you a complete auto website dedicated to helping you find the resources you need.


On this site you will find automotive information for every part of the vehicle ownership experience. 

  • Here's the information you will find here:

  • New car buying resources

  • Used car buying resources

  • Auto Insurance advice and information

  • Auto warranty advice

  • Vehicle maintenance information

  • Help selling your car for the most profit

Who Am I?

As you’re about to see, I’m a real Auto Insider, who’s spent decades in the auto industry. I’ve now decided to take all the knowledge, experience and insight I’ve learned, and I’m sharing all of it here, on this site!

Listen, if you want to know more about me.


If you’ve got questions and want to know what makes me a real industry insider I’ve got you covered.


I’m happy to tell my story, and more importantly for you, I’m willing to share this information, and if you follow my advice, you’ll NEVER overpay for your car.

My Guarantee to You

I appreciate your time and your trust, and I will do everything in my power to exceed your expectations! 

I have put EVERYTHING you need on this website (and my YouTube Channel and other social media outlets). I hold NOTHING back, and I encourage you to consume, download actively, and use all that I’m sharing here with you.

Keep in mind, yes, I do have a course, one for a used car shopper, and a separate course for new-car shoppers, but I consider every visitor my customer, and supporting you is why I’m here.

If one of my courses is right for you, fantastic! I put everything you could need in the course, and I support it with a 100% no questions asked, money-back guarantee – you really have nothing to lose… except paying too much for your next car!

There's an enormous amount of information on this site, and it's growing every day! So, be sure to visit often, and connect with my on your favorite social media platforms. I am sharing as much helpful information as possible, all to save you money and enhance your car ownership experience!

Free Resources Every Car Owner Needs

Complete Car Owner's Guide

Complete Car Guide

Absolutely everything a car owner needs... and it's FREE! I've taken decades of knowledge and put it all in this book. Download it now, and keep it, you'll use it the entire time you own your car - I cover:

- buying the car

- how to take care of your vehicle

- money-saving tips & tricks

- how to maximize your profits when it's time to sell or trade-in the car

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New Car Shopping Help

New Car Shopper's Rebates & Incentives

New car manufacturers offer rebates and incentives to entice car shoppers. This money in intended for the buyer, but some dealerships try and keep this money! Here's a document that helps you get ALL the rebate and incentive information quickly for your specific region! Plus, I explain all that car salesperson lingo they use that can be really confusing!

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Used Car Shopping Advice

Used Car Shopping Options

For a used car shopper, there's never been more options... and with options comes dangers! You don't buy someone else's problem. And, if you don't know what you're doing you could get scammed! Buying used has it's dangers, so download this guide to quickly learn where you should, and where you shouldn't shop for a used car!

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helping car shoppers and car owners for more than two decades

Articles & Content

Listen, I put out LOTS of information!


And, it's all designed to help car shoppers and car owners save time, money, and make your life easier!


Before you purchase anything check out my articles and my social media posts!

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