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Shopping for a New Car This Month?

I've Done ALL Your Research for You

If, You Think You've Got Everything You Need to Successfully Negotiate with a Car Salesman, I'm NOT for You.

But, If You Recognize Having an Expert Handle Your Car-Buying Research, Today's Your Lucky Day!

Dear New Car Shopper,


In the next 2 minutes you will quickly see that I am sharing EVERYTHING you need… to have an informed conversation with a car salesperson. My name's Henry, and I'm an auto insider who's worked on the inside. I'm here to help you! I'll share more about me later, let's talk about you!

Imagine, for a moment, you've spent most of your entire Saturday slogging around a couple of dealerships, in and out of showrooms, and you're exhausted!

But, you've settled on your car, and the salesperson's presenting you with their 'best price,' and while you're staring at the number, you realize... I have no idea if this is a good price or not; what do I do now? Am I going to be taken advantage of... you're recognizing that you're at a disadvantage!

Would Having the Critical Pricing Elements Dealer's Use to Calculate Your Price Help in this Situation?

Please, I'm begging you, don't be one of those people who walks into a new car showroom and are unsure how much money the car manufacturer is going to give the Dealership to reduce your price.

Henry Auto Insider.jpg

You need to know that when a car is purchased or leased, the car manufacturer often gives money to the Dealership, so the only question is… did the car dealership provide that money to you, to lower the amount you're paying? And, if they gave you some money, is it ALL the money available to you?

Please hold onto your seats; this will shock you, but sometimes, a dealership doesn't give the customer all the allocated funds; they keep all, or some of it for themselves!

With My Hot Sheet...
I'm Giving You All the Critical Information You Need to Ensure You're Going to Get the Best Price Possible

I Bet You're Wondering... Who's This Guy?

I'm a real auto insider, my name's Henry, and I've got more than 20 years of auto experience in a unique job. As a result, I've had access to car-selling information that stretches far beyond anything a typical car salesperson is involved in or probably knows about. 


Understand, I've been part of the sales process from the top down. Something of a hired gun responsible for formulating plans to sell massive amounts of vehicles while simultaneously extracting the maximum profit possible. 


As you continue reading, you're going to realize that I've worked with a lot of car dealers… and the fact is, sometimes I would meet with several different dealerships all on the same day! I was these dealers' go-to guy for my marketing knowledge and expertise. They came to me year after year because I sell lots of cars for tons of money!

So That's Why You Should Keep Reading!

“a game plan for the purchase of a vehicle! Knowledge is power, especially when it's in-depth. If you're looking for a car buying game plan, this is what you're looking for!"

Ken - Concord, NH

"I can't believe you're giving this information to the public! When i made my recent car deal using your car tactics the car salesperson got so frustrated. When we finally agreed on a price $3,512 below invoice, he said I must be a former car salesman!"

Shane - Signal Mountain, TN

“Being a car enthusiast, I have lots of people asking me for car buying advice. Now, I send them to the Auto Insider! He offers a solid, concrete plan anyone can follow to ensure they get a great price on their next new car!”

American Car Freak - Elyria, OH

“This car buying guide leveled the playing field for the car shopper. I've been burner in the past by tricky financing that cost me thousands, but no more! This Guide is invaluable!  ”

Erik, Rye, NY

Now, I'm helping people like you, the car shoppers, save money and simplify the complex and expensive process of buying a new car. This is nothing new; I've been helping people like yourself for decades… 

I'm Now Offering Up-to-the-Minute Help for New Car Shoppers

Yep, I'm giving you the critical information you need this month; if you're shopping for a new car, I call it my HOT SHEET. 


Think about it, I'm giving you this valuable information at a stupid-low price, so low everyone can have it; in fact, I've priced this so the only people who don't grab a copy are those people who think they can get over on the dealer, you know the people who tell you the car dealer lost money selling them their new car 😂.

So, What's in My Hot Sheet?

Everything you need to make an educated buying decision, including...

  • Access to all of the rebates and Incentives for the top 25 car and truck brands; I'm giving you all the information on every major brand

  • I'm sharing the truth about the car-buying market and inside information on specific brands

  • Learn which are the lowest priced new cars, instantly know which are the lowest priced cars 

  • Discover the manufacturers with the best warranties; I provide information on the 5 most important ones. Without this information, you could be spending a small fortune a couple of years down the road.

  • Which cars have the lowest cost of ownership - every new car buyer considers the price of the vehicle, but almost no one considers how much it will cost to drive and own the car, but that's real money!!

  • I share the highest-ranked cars in each of the top 8 classifications. Does the vehicle you want make the list… if not… are you buying the right car or truck?

Can you see the value of this type of knowledge?

If That's All I Was Giving You, This is a No-Brainer, But I'm Also Giving You 4 Free Bonuses

#1 - How to Buy a New Car with Cash

  • Should you do it?

  • How is the Dealership going to react?

  • What does buying a new car for cash mean? And what are the options? There's more than one!

  • What are the advantages?

  • What are the disadvantages?

  • What are the dangers?

  • What are the best practices?

#2 - How to Handle the F&I Process


Discover what the F&I process is. It generates millions of dollars for the Dealership. Still, most people need to be aware of this money-making tool every Dealership uses!

  • What Research do you need to do in advance? Walking into this Process without doing your due diligence will cost you money, a lot of it!

  • What financial information do you need to know to save hundreds of dollars?

  • What are the best practices, the questions you should ask, and the situations that you should avoid at all costs

  • Learn your rights, don't be afraid to ask questions, and be ready to walk if needed. I will share the details so you're prepared.

  • Discover what you need to do first to save yourself loads of money; when it comes to the F&I process, entering it without a plan is planning on losing money!

  • I share the 6 things you should be wary of. These are practices almost every dealership practices, and they're designed to needlessly take money out of your bank account.

#3 - The Best Features in Today's New Cars

  • There's never been more features packed into new cars; I share with you the best features. Discover:

  • The 12 safety features that you should consider, some of them will undoubtedly be deal-breakers if they're not included.

  • The 3 types of fuel efficiency options to consider, one of them you probably need to be made aware of.

  • The 8 Infotainment and connectivity features can improve the ownership and driving experience, and they're REALLY cool!

  • You should know about the 7 comfort and convenience elements: being comfortable while driving has never been more accessible!

  • You will want to consider the 5 Performance and handling innovations, especially if you're buying a truck or off-road vehicle.

  • The 3 autonomous features that can literally change the way you drive your next car!

  • You'll want the best 2 storage and cargo space elements in your next vehicle.

  • The 3 advanced lighting elements make driving at night safer than ever before.

  • Plus, advanced audio systems and maintenance plans

#4 - Owning a Car Like an Insider

I share everything you need to save money and time, from when you start shopping until it's time to hand over the keys for the last time. Learn Insider knowledge on the following:

  • Choosing the right car or truck

  • Automotive financing

  • How to take a test drive

  • Shopping for a car like an auto insider

  • Extended warranties, what you need to know

  • Car tires and how to reduce wear & tear

  • Windshield wipers

  • Do you still have the owner's manuals? If not, this is what you should do

  • Don't have a garage for your car, do this

  • Vehicle maintenance

  • Best practices and tools to keep your car clean

  • Cool car accessories

  • Safety devices to keep in your car

  • Got dents and dings; you can fix them yourself!

  • Floor mats, who's got the best?

  • Should you refinance your car loan?

  • How to sell or trade in your car



Can I find this critical pricing information on my own?

In truth, you can get almost all of this information yourself, but you'd have to find it, and be able to accurately use it! So, besides the time I'm saving you, I'm also giving you decades of experience and knowledge baked into everything I'm sharing.

Does everyone qualify for every rebate or incentive?

I can't stress this enough, only some qualify for some rebates and incentives, plus they can vary from region to region, and I make it easy to ensure you get every bit of savings available where you live.

Is this information only good for this month?

The  bottom line is, the Hot Sheet information is specifically tailored for someone shopping this month because the rebates and incentives can change month-to-month.

Where do you get your market research information?

Let me explain, some of it's been procured over the decades, and I still keep my fingers on the market's pulse.

How do you get the best price for a new car?

Start by being informed, which begins with my HOT SHEET, then be sure you've got your ducks in a row, and be careful; there's danger at every turn!

Is there more information I need?

I give you everything you need to walk into a car dealership with a rock-solid understanding of the financial picture of the car you want to lease or buy.

How Do I Get All This?

I'd be justified in charging you more than $500 for this collection of information. Still, I will only charge you a tiny fraction of that price… remember, this is a complete no-brainer!

But, You're Only Going to Pay a Tiny Fraction of What This is Worth!

I'm giving you my Hot Sheet, market insider information, all tailored and customized for someone shopping for a new car… this month - talk about FRESH!

Here's what you need to know, with this insider information, you will inevitably save money, time, and be prepared and ready when you walk into that dealership! So, you're going to save, and save big; the average person will save hundreds from my Hot Sheet!

But that's not all; some savings will add up to hundreds and hundreds more packed into my bonuses, now that I think about it… $500 is too low, but I will give you all of this for the insane price of just $47.00!

Yep, everything I've outlined here, for a tiny fraction of its worth, all of the above for just $47.00!

OK, let me say it one more time,  this is a complete no-brainer! Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you!

P.S. I'm giving you all this information at an unbelievable discount because I  want to give back! Over this next phase in life, for me, it's all about helping others, and I guarantee you're going to be FLOORED by all the value I'm giving you; happy shopping! 

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