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Don't Walk Into a Car Dealership Without This Information...

Discover a Simple New Car Buying System that Automatically Unlocks the Lowest Price Possible

Every Car salesperson MUST follow a strict selling process with every customer. Why shouldn’t you have a plan?

New car salepeople follow a specific sales plan not because they don't know what they're doing, but because it's the proven way to extract the maximum amount of profit out of you, the customer.

Would you like to know a process that stops this profit generating process in its tracks?

Let me show you...

You need a plan before you EVER meet this person!

Problem Solved!

car buying advice
Listen, I get it, you're thinking, 'I can go into a car dealership and buy a car!'

And that's correct. But, here's something you might not know, the average new car deal has $4,000 of profit!

My program is designed for people who understand:

  • Walking in the door, the new car buyer's at a disadvantage

  • Thinking you're going to out-negotiate a professional negotiator is a poor plan

  • There's a real benefit to knowing what information I need, and where to find it

  • Much of the information online is there for the dealer's benefit, NOT the person shopping

  • Streamlining the car-buying process is in your interest

  • There's built-in profit-points that an educated new car shopper can avoid

  • The entire new car sales process is built around the buyer's false beliefs like we're selling cars below invoice - do you think they're losing money?

  • If they can effectively leverage one dealer against another, they will pay less for a car

  • Car dealers are adept at moving a car shopper into a false sense of security

I bet you've said, that's me, to at least one of those, so let's talk about how easy it is to have EVERYTHING you need... at your fingertips.

Hey, if you're convinced the best way is the way "Dad's always bought his cars," this program is definitely NOT for you. But I wish you luck!

But, first let me take a moment and tell you how I became the AUTO INSIDER.

This ALL Happened by Accident

I couldn’t believe my eyes, or more accurately, my ears! Joe’s a great car salesman; he’s been sitting at the same desk in the same spot on the showroom floor through multiple different owners.

Joe and the worn-out carpet are the only constants in this place! I’ve seen Joe deal with countless customers.

I’ve always admired Joe’s even temperament. But, today, this very pleasant-looking couple he was saying goodbye to have left him in a rage!

I can’t accurately explain the absolute shock I was in, I was wondering if Joe’s body had been possessed!

Sorry, now’s probably a good time to tell you who I am, I’m the Auto Insider. No, my Mom didn’t name me that; I’m someone who works in the auto industry, and at this point, I’d like to keep my actual identity to myself.

I have a unique type of job that’s allowed me to spend the better part of the last 25-years working closely with many of the biggest and most successful dealer-principles in the business.

And, as the shock of Joe’s anger wore off, I started to realize that I’ve seen that scenario multiple times. Maybe not to that extent, but if you could see a car salesperson after you've pulled off the lot, your salesperson’s either skipping and whistling or sitting at their desk pouting.

As I would go from dealership to dealership, seeing salespeople I’ve known for years, this precise scenario became so obvious! Well, I couldn’t help but subtly ask questions. I had to know what was going on.

The first thing I learned, this was not a new phenomenon. It was always there; I just hadn’t noticed. You see, from a car salesperson’s perspective there's two types of new car deals...

The Two Types of Car Deals

good deal on a new car
bad deal on a new car

High Gross Deals

For a good car salesperson, the high gross deals are the majority of their customers. 'High Gross' means there's a high amount of gross profit in the deal for the dealership, and salespeople are paid off the gross.

Tissue Deals

Now, the opposite is a tissue deal. When a customer gets such a low price, the profit is so thin it's as thin as a ‘tissue,’ and the salesperson makes very little commission.

Make Sure You're on the Right Side

As you can probably tell, I’m pretty curious! I wanted to know what those tissue deal customers did, how did they throw that wet blanket on the deal?

My job puts me in the middle of the entire sales process; so, when I asked questions I quickly learned a LOT! My questions got answers, my knowledge grew. 

Remember, I deal with a LOT of car dealers and see a LOT of deliveries. I also have been in the room when the salesperson needed to have their deals signed-off on.

I started to see patterns, I started connecting-the-dots, and I contrasted what one customer with another. I learned how the sales process created deals loaded with loads profits. And, I saw how someone could take most of that profit away while buying the EXACT same car!

I kept asking questions, I kept seeing trends, and before I fully knew it, I was telling friends EXACTLY what to do when shopping for a new car. It was kinda crazy because, for me, it seemed effortless, because it was always in front of me!

The more I shared my car-buying advice, the more I realized I had a clear, concise plan in my head. A method that was easy to explain, and everyone loved my information!

I had developed a program that people liked, something they wanted to use, because it was easy, and it saved them tons of money!

Sure there's other 'programs or methods' out there, but after looking around, I found it incredible some of the things…

First, Here's What My Course Does NOT Require

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My System's no-haggle, I show you how to walk into the dealership and receive the best price possible, without any uncomfortable exchanges


Visiting Lots of Car Dealerships

Visiting dealerships takes time, and it's an awful experience. Trust me, been there, done that, so you don't have to!


Lots of



Yes,, I give you some great insight, but once you get the basics, my System's really just a plug & play formula that anyone can follow!

Listen, I give you the exact information you need. I show you where to get it, and then, I tell you EXACTLY how to use this information so a car salesperson will AUTOMATICALLY give you their best price possible.

I looked at the help out there for new-car shoppers, and I realized I had developed a new car buying process that dramatically reduces the amount of time you spend shopping. It completely eliminates the haggling that makes this process so unpleasant, and too often costly!

With my New Car Buying System You Will Learn How To:

  • Avoid losing thousands of dollars by making the wrong decision when the salesperson asks you, "Do you want to buy or lease your next car?"

  • Choose the car that's right for you. Let the salesperson make this decision, or guide you too much, and I'll guarantee you'll spend a boatload of money! 

  • Determine the right price for the car you want to buy. Your pricing and how you interact with the salesperson are linked and using my methods; your salesperson will realize you're an informed car shopper and roll over like an old dog in front of a warm fire!

  • Use the Internet PROPERLY to research for a car. Guess what? Many of the most prominent car websites out there are really working for car dealers. They care NOTHING about you, the car shopper!

  • Organize yourself so you have ALL your facts and information properly put together. This alone guarantees you walk into the dealership better prepared than 95% of car shoppers. You're immune to all the car salesperson's double-talk.

  • Choose the right car dealer. Mess it up here, and you could endure a never-ending nightmare.

  • Decide the right time to visit a car dealership. Timing is everything in life! And if you think the answer is the end of the month… you're mistaken, and there's a car dealer out there, ready to take your money using this old wives' tale.

  • Get the best price possible for the vehicle you want. Now, there's no reason to settle for less!

  • Read a dealer's ad and determine what's real, what's a lie, and how to know what the REAL price is for the car in that advertisement.

  • Make sure you get the right price for your trade-in. Dealers have people who spend all day sucking money out of customers' pockets by beating them out of the real value for their trade-in.

  • And a whole ton more!

Buying a New Car is a BIG Deal

The auto industry's financial muscle allows them to operate in a manner that's designed to extract as much money as possible out of every customer. How big is the auto industry?

It's a 2 Trillion dollar monstrosity - one of the biggest on the planet.

That's 3.5% of the US GDP

Indirect and direct auto industry employment is over 50 million worldwide

With its unparalleled financial muscle, the auto industry has been able to conduct business in a manner that would lead to arrest for others!

What Others Have to Say About My

New Car Buying System

I Can't believe you're giving this information to the public.

When I made my recent car deal using your  car tactics the car salesperson got so frustrated. When we finally agreed on a price $3,512 below invoice, he said I must be a former car salesman!

A Game Plan for the Purchase of a Vehicle!

Knowledge is powers, especially when it's in-depth. 

if you're looking for a car buying game plan, this is what you're looking for!


Rye, NY

You Leveled the playing field!

This car buying guide levels the playing field for the car shopper.  I've been burned in the past by tricky financing that cost me thousands, but no more! This Guide is invaluable!

American Car Freak

Elyria, OH

A solid, concrete plan anyone can follow

Being a car enthusiast I have lots of people ask me car buying advice. Now, I send them to the Auto Insider! He offers a solid, concrete plan anyone can follow to ensure they get a great price on their next new car!


Signal Mt., TN


Concord, NH

Join Them in Making the Right Decision

You can finally return the power where it belongs, to you, the car buyer!

I've put something together, that's really special! It's called the Auto Insider's New Car Buying Process, here's what I'm giving you:

Here's Everything You Get...

best way to buy a new car

New Car Buying Guide

Here, I break down key essential factors like:

  • Car buying preparation

  • Key terms used in the sales process

  • Buying & leasing options

  • Finding the right car

  • Taking you test drive

  • Getting your finances in order

  • Shopping options

  • Executive & Demo Vehicles

  • Easy way to a fantastic deal

  • Different 'New' options

  • Buying program dangers

  • Handling your trade-in

  • Warranties 

  • At the dealership


($64 Value)

New Car buying

New Car Video

You've got the knowledge, now let's start putting it together, I show you:

  • Understanding those stickers on the window

  • Making sense of a new car dealer's ad

  • Where you should shop

  • Which car websites to avoid

  • How car dealers make money

  • Where you can lose money

  • Dealer Tricks & Profits methods

  • How to avoid being taken advantage-of by a car dealer


($87 Value)

Save money buying a new car

Real-Life Examples & Worksheet

Real Usable Information!

Listen, this isn't some pie-in-the-sky collection of theories and hypotheticals. 

Nope, this stuff is real, and I give you real examples... 4 real-life car buying examples. You see, the actual steps come to life.

You see the actual interactions, you see the all the written interactions!

Car Buyer's Worksheet

Plus, I give you a worksheet

with it, you see how I plug-in and use information that automatically gets me the best price possible!

($127 Value)


Get My Complete

New Car Buying Program

for just $67 today!

How to save money buying a new car

Why this Program Would be a BARGAIN if I Charged you $278.00... and Why I'm Willing to Sell it for SO MUCH LESS

Plus, I'm taking ALL the risk!

Remember, the average new car transaction is bloated with $4,000.00 of profit

Hey, please don't take my word for it, according to Edmunds, the average profit on a new car is more than $4,000.

So, let's imagine, without my help, you're going to buy a new car with $4,000 worth of profit worked into the deal. Now, let's say you use my System and I help you shave 10% off the dealer's profit, that's $400.00 that would stay in your pocket!

My program's designed to deliver MUCH more than a 10% savings!

Since you're still reading this, I have to believe that you're at least slightly interested in my System.

You may not know, but I've just completely redone my Program. I've made changes and tweaks to ensure it's got everything you need in today's car-buying market. And, I want to get this into as many hands as possible, as quickly as possible, so right now, for a very limited time, I'm giving you my enter system…

Not for $278.00, nope. It's an incredible, no brainer if I asked you to pay $197.00, but I'm willing to go even lower. Imagine how much money you'd save if you bought my system for only $89.00, you be nuts not to say YES!

But, for a very short time, you get everything I've promised for the no-brainer discounted re-introduction price of just $67.00!

Honestly, I think how you're not going to see 7, 8 or even 9X a return on my purchase price! 

Plus, I'm taking ALL the risk!

100 money back guarantee.png

f you purchase my Program today, at this incredibly low price, I'm also giving you my 100% no-risk money-back GUARANTEE!

If, after 30-days, you feel my System's not right for you, for any reason, please let me know, and I'll be happy to refund your money!

It's Time You Take The Control Away From The Car Dealer So You Can Keep Your Hard-Earned Money In Your Pocket!

Let Me Save You Time

According to an auto industry disrupter, the average consumer spends 16-20 hours researching their car purchase online… then, they think they can walk into a car dealership and negotiate with a salesperson who's trained to extract the most money possible from every person that walks into the door… that's what's behind the big smile, free coffee, and comfy waiting room!

You've found this site; you're one click away from saving yourself lots of time and MONEY!

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