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9 Steps for Buying a Used Car

I'm about to share with you the exact steps I take when I buy a used car. I've purchased a LOT of used vehicles over the years from private sellers and dealers.

If you follow these specific steps, you will accomplish three things; you will:

  • Streamline the process

  • Avoid the multitude of used car scammers lurking all over

  • Get the best price possible

Buying a used car is a smart financial decision, but if you're not careful when you buy a used car it can be a disaster, let me help you avoid a catastrophe!

I've recorded a video that helps give you the details, and I've included my 'road map' below.

I dive into details in the video above, it's packed with helpful information!

As promised, here's the roadmap I've mentioned:

Step #1 - Buying Options

As someone shopping for a used car, there's never been so many different places you can buy a used car. Unfortunately, there have never been so many people praying on the unsuspected used car shoppers. So, I help you determine where you should, and more importantly, where you should not shop for a used car.

Step #2 - Budget

Don't make the mistake of buying a car that puts you and your budget under stress. I share my tried and true budgeting process to avoid financial problems.

Step #3 - Survey the Scene

An educated consumer is someone who's not going to pay too much, and that applies to any product. Buying a car is one of the most expensive purchases you can make, so being educated now is crucial!

You need to know the market for the car you want to buy, in the environment you're shopping.

Without this information, you will inevitably pay too much for your next used car!

When I'm buying a used car, I want to understand the value that car has in my area, and have a sense how many vehicles are available - shopping for a used car without this knowledge is flying blind!

Step #4 - Shopping

Most people dive into this portion of the process right out of the gate!

With my process, you can see, I suggest you lay the groundwork before diving into the actual car shopping phase. Using my approach, you're an informed shopper who can make decisions based on much more than just a price.

You want to buy a used car that's functional, reliable, and mechanically sound, and following the first three steps helps make sure this happens!

Step #5 - Financing

In this step, I help those who are financing the car's purchase, and I help you if you plan to purchase the vehicle outright with their funds.

There are dangers and problems at this point. So, please follow the best process to take regardless of how you're planning to pay for your vehicle.

Step #6 - Take a Ride

Now's the time for you to inspect the car and determine if this is a good vehicle for you to buy. I share with you essential things to check, and you will learn why the best thing you can do when taking a test drive of a used car is to break a sweat and give things a sniff!

If you don't get this step right, you might find yourself buying a car while you're buying someone else's problem!

Step #7 - Doctor Please

As I've mentioned, when you buy a used car if you're not careful you can also buy yourself a headache!

One of the best decisions you can make when shopping for a used vehicle is to have a mechanic give the car an inspection.

Most mechanics will do this for a reasonable amount of money, and when they have a car upon their lift, they can see things you can't see while looking at a vehicle in a parking lot or driveway.

You should consider this 'insurance' against making a purchase that could waste hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Being willing to walk away from a new car deal is the sign of someone who understands the used car market - there's always another used car!

Step #8 - Paperwork

Used car scammers often commit their crimes at this stage!

Additionally, you can get yourself into problems if you do not complete the proper paperwork. Terrible things can happen, including:

  • you don't own the car you've 'purchased.'

  • you violate a law

Step #9 - Home

Once you've traveled to this point, you're just about done!

In this step, I help you make sure you've covered your bases on things like insurance. And, I have helpful information to ensure the car you bring home retains its value.

If you'd like the details of all these steps, please go ahead and download this Guide now, it's free, and I hope it's something you find helpful!

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