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Buying a Used Car is a Great Way to Save Money...

That's Assuming You Avoid All of the Cheats & Thieves

Buying a used car is a sound fiscal decision

You’re letting someone else absorb the enormous new car depreciation that happens when a vehicle rolls off the lot.

Today, for the used car shopper, there are more options than EVER before! And, unfortunately, there’s also more peril.

Buying a used car is your absolute best deal. But, in the used car market, there’s an incredible amount of financial danger. Plus, there’s so many different buying options, it's hard to know which one is right for you?

In the next couple of minutes, I’m going to share with you a way to save money and protect yourself!

I Really Was Just Minding my Own Business

It all started so innocently. I needed a car, and I found the one I wanted. I bet by the end of this story, you're going to be as baffled as I was!

Tell me, could you imagine a car salesperson not willing to shake your hand, when you're his customer?


Well, that's what happened! I was led into his office to complete the purchase of a used car, after a ridiculously long wait, and he looked me in the eyes with an icy glare, while rejecting my hand.

We just stood there for what seemed like forever!


Finally, he sat back down to complete the process he was dreading.


Let me share with you the reasons why this professional car salesman abandoned all ordinary social graces as I stood in his office prepared to spend thousands of dollars!

Used car buying advice

The Used Car Market Fluctuates 

If you've watched the news, you know the car business has had some enormous fluctuations over the last decade or so. As a result, I saw outside influences affecting my income, so I decided to take some control, and I started a side business that happened to require a fleet of cars.

The business snowballed, and before I knew it, I had 26 employees, and my side hustle required a lot of time. But, I was also extremely appreciative and proud of the company I built. When you have a business with a fleet of cars, you end up buying the same vehicle over and over again.

I Started Buying a LOT of Cars

In the beginning, I bought these cars new, but eventually, I started buying used cars, so all the vehicles matched.

After buying the exact same car over and over again, I learned everything about that car. For that car, I can go online and instantly tell you if that's a reasonable price, fair price, or a bad price for that specific car. I know that car's value inside and out!

Then, one of my drivers had an accident. The car was totaled, but thank goodness no one was hurt! But, I needed another vehicle, so I started looking around online. Low and behold, early in my search, I come across the exact type of car I use, on a dealer's website, and it's offered at a STUPID low price.

Listen, dealers don't have the best price for the used cars I buy, ever. But, as I stared at my computer, I knew that IF the information listed was accurate, I wanted that car at that price… NOW!

This deal did NOT look like a real offer. I almost didn't call, but hey, it's worth a shot. I called and verified some details. Once I was satisfied, I hung up, and I headed to the dealership, still very much convinced I would not get that car for that advertised price!

Let's See if this is a REAL Used Car Offer

negotiating a used car price

After arriving at the dealership, I gave the car the once over.


I took it for a test drive, and I even looked under the hood!


As hard as I tried, I couldn't come up with a single reason why I shouldn't JUMP on this deal;


it's the exact car I need… at an incredibly LOW price!

I Got an AMAZING Deal - I Was Thrilled

So, I put a deposit down, signed the initial paperwork, and I'd be back in two days to take delivery. I would have called someone and taken delivery that day, but the title and tags for a car registered to a business didn't allow me to do it. But, the deal was settled and done!

Well, it turns out the salesperson really did give me a GREAT price! So much so, they wanted OUT of the deal! I said no, but they didn't stop there! I had sales managers and a GM calling me, trying to get me to accept out-and-out lies. I've got to confess I got mad. In hindsight, had they treated me with some honesty and respect, had they not resorted to lies and threats, I might have been willing to pay a bit more. But, their behavior was nothing short of ugly. Like the school-yard bullies, they thought the rules didn't apply to them.

They Crossed the Line

I dug my heels in, and they quickly saw I knew more than most, and I was NOT going to be denied. I double-checked their lies with my attorney, who was happy to send me confirmation that I was 100% in the right, and they were legally obligated to deliver the car, as the paperwork indicated, including the agreed-upon price!

Lets Talk About Used Car Sales Tactics

Let me share some of their tactics. Once they realized their mistake, these guys wanted to punish me financially. They told me I must buy specific add-ons, options, and services… ALL lies! They even insisted I couldn't come to the dealership and provide the total purchase price; they insisted I MUST finance the deal, with them! They lied and lied. I was in SHOCK! I couldn't believe their tactics, and right then and there I said, hey as the Auto Insider I need to create a used car buying system, like my new car system that will protect people! These folks are thieves in polyester ties!

I Was a Man on a Mission

I've spent decades working in the auto industry, and for many years my new car buyer's program had been available to help the new car shopper avoid this type of treatment! Now, I was dedicated to doing the same for the used car shopper!

I took what I knew from the new car side of the business, and I went to work!

When I was done, I had something I'm genuinely proud to share with you! In my Used Car Shopper's System, I cover it ALL!

Here's What I'm Giving You... Information & Protection:

  • I explain the benefits of buying used

  • What you should spend?

  • The right used car buying options

  • No haggling low, low price

  • What's CPO

  • Vehicle history reports

  • eBay - the good and the bad

  • Buying used cars on Facebook, Craigslist, auctions and more

  • Identifying and avoiding scammers

  • Avoiding ALL the lemons that are for sale

  • How to test-drive a used car

  • And LOTS more!

Not sure how toxic and dangerous the used car market is today, let me prove it to you!

used car buying advice

226 million search results... I'm glad you're here! But, more importantly, you should be thrilled you're here. There are millions of websites out there with the sole purpose of taking your money!

There’s a definite change happening in the new and used car market, and knowing how you should react is critical!
There's real danger in the used car market for the unsuspecting shopper!
Hidden Risks of Used Cars.jpg
Used Car Buying Risks
People are selling used cars that are death traps. I can show you some real examples and methods to avoid these people and their vehicles.
What is curbstoning
In this course I actually share with you real emails, actual texts and phone conversations with a used car scammer!

What's at the Root of ALL This...

used car buying help
Why all the scams and shady activity... MONEY!


There's a LOT of money to be made selling used cars, even if you're not ethically corrupt. Let me help you keep some of your hard-earned money in your pocket!

Here's Everything You Get with This Course...

Complete Used Car Buying System.p

Used Car Buying System - Book

Here, I break down key essential factors like:

  • Benefits of buying used

  • Establishing a budget

  • Finding used cars

  • Valuing a used car

  • Used car buying options

  • What is CPO?

  • Vehicle history

  • Taking a test drive

  • Price negotiation

  • Title and paperwork

  • Insuring a used car


($87 Value)

Used Car Buying Help

Used Car Buying System - Video

Giving you a complete tutorial of the car-buying market. I give you the knowledge you need to shop safely. 

You're going to be AMAZED by the actual recordings with a real car scammer. 

Yes, I contacted the proper authorities and provided them with ALL the information!

  • Understanding car terms

  • How to read a CarFax

  • Scams & Tricks

  • Rebuilt titles

  • Odometer roll-backs

  • Curbstoners

  • Cloning

  • Shopping Options the pitfalls and benefits

  • Car advertising

  • Shopping on Facebook

  • Shopping on eBay

  • Shopping on Craigslist

  • A REAL car scammer


($127 Value)

How to Buy a Used Car

Shopping Sheet & Comp Sheet

Shopping Sheet

There are LOTS of used car buying options!

My Shopping Sheet presents all your options, and helps you determine the best options for you.

Comp Sheet

A document that helps you evaluate a used car's price, while also giving you reliable, indisputable information to use if you’d like to offer the seller a reason why the price should drop.

Don’t be the person who’s shopping for a used car and counters the price with, “would you take…”

Instead, you’re going to be able to state real facts that draw a definite conclusion for you, and the seller, that yes, the car is over-priced.

($38 Value)

This program's worth $252.00, and at that price, it's a BARGAIN - and why I'm willing to sell it for less!

I quickly help you decide where you should and should not shop for a used car. You'll save time, and potentially a lot of money with this information.

When you buy my Used Car Buying System, you're going to hear the actual conversations I had with a used car scammer. Yes, real discussions, see texts, see emails, including the bank transfer information. I show you EVERYTHING!

Listen to the person who gave me wire transfer information with the plan that I would be sending him thousands of dollars for a car that did NOT exist!

My blood ran cold when I heard this, during one conversation with the criminal, you can hear another phone ringing in the background. I couldn't help but want to help that person. They were about to lose THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

How Much Would You Pay Me to Protect You From This Crook

I bet they would have happily paid me $252.00 for my Used Car Buyer's System. They were about to be robbed 10X that amount!

You've got the chance to get all this information. All of my advice and the protection I give you for the insanely low price of just $67.00!

I have no doubts I'm going to raise this price in the future. This stuff is REALLY good if I say so myself!

Keep in mind, I'm rolling this out now, for the first time, and I have priced it so low, to be fair, it would be reckless for you NOT to buy it!

But, shortly, I'm going to raise the price… significantly!

I put a TON of work putting this System together, and it's worth MUCH more than I'm charging right now!

Here's the bottom-line, I show you ALL the pitfalls, I give you ALL the information you need… AND I give you a fool-proof roadmap to


making sure you get the car you want at the best price possible!


Get my COMPLETE Used Car Buyer's System for just $67 today!

Save money buying a used car
100 money back guarantee.png

I'm taking ALL the RISK!

Take this program for a test-drive; you've got NO WORRIES because I'm giving you my 30-day, no questions asked, 100% no-risk money-back GUARANTEE!

Simply put, I have to ask you, would you pay $67.00 to have a simple-to-follow program that helps you navigate the used car buying maze?

Help AVOIDING crooks and criminals? 

While effortlessly getting the best price possible for your next used car?

If the answer’s yes, you’re in the right place!


Grab your copy now!

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